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Net Effect #45 - Chris Harbur, Ceo And Founder Of Let’s Go Play

Net Effect #45 – Chris Harbur, CEO and Founder of Let’s Go Play

Watch the interview here: Listen to the Podcast – Audio Only “I never stopped praying and I never stopped putting one foot in front of the other.” About Our Guest in this episode: Chris Harbur Chris has worked with over 20,000 children, ages 7+, across the US doing everything from teaching sports and acting, to mentoring […]

Net Effect #34: Hilary Harper Wilcoxen, Director Of Mission Advancement For Team Long Run

Net Effect #34: Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen, Director of Mission Advancement for Team Long Run

Topic: “When one door closes, where do you find the next door?” About Our Speaker: As Director of Mission Advancement for Team Long Run, Hilary spends most of her time helping kids living in high poverty access enrichment programs that will give them their best shot at a happy and productive future. Team Long Run’s […]

Net Effect #29: Erik Olsen, Co Founder And Cfo Of Common Ground Committee

Net Effect #29: Erik Olsen, Co-Founder and CFO of Common Ground Committee

Topic: “Common Ground for Common Good – Bringing Healing to Polarization and Civility to Conversations” About Our Speaker: As the Co-Founder and CFO of the Common Ground Committee, Erik Olsen provides thought leadership to the issues of incivility and polarization in civil discourse in the US, and manages the organization’s operations and finances. Erik has […]

Net Effect #22: Dr. Joseph Ritter, Ceo, The Albert Baker Fund; Educator And Innovator

Net Effect #22: Dr. Joseph Ritter, CEO, The Albert Baker Fund; Educator and Innovator

Topic: “The changing needs of students, distance learning, and how ABF is helping students navigate through these challenging times” About Our Speaker: Dr. Ritter is an accomplished college educator and administrator with extensive experience developing innovative programs and services for students. He is well-known to the Christian Science community through his 23-year career at Principia […]

Net Effect #14: Paul Perea, Head Chef, High Ridge House – “career Path Or Listening Path?”

Net Effect #14: Paul Perea, Head Chef, High Ridge House – “Career Path or Listening Path?”

Topic: “Career Path or Listening Path?” About Our Speaker: A magna cum laude graduate of Northeastern University, a gourmet chef, and a published author, Paul describes himself as a “Manhattan-trained businessman” who found his way to his dream job of managing a high-quality food services operations for people he loves. He is currently the Head […]