Build a career community for Christian Scientists with us!

The ABF Career Alliance is an outreach to the Christian Science community that is funded separately from The Albert Baker Fund education loan and grant program. Planning and launching the Career Alliance was originally funded by visionary foundations and enthusiastic start-up donors, including ABF trustees. In order to grow and sustain the outreach of the ABF Career Alliance, it will need ongoing support from individuals, churches, and Christian Science organizations that recognize its value to the Christian Science community.

Questions Regarding Sponsorship?

For information about sponsorship levels and recognition, click here, OR contact Harve Kaufmann,
Director of Outreach, at 314-915-3311 (mobile) or


The Albert Baker Fund
Attn: Harve Kaufmann,
Director of Outreach
1510 J Street, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95814
“Our partnership with ABF has really allowed us to broaden our reach… and this is very important to us because we’re also in the business of growing Christian Scientists as professionals in the education realm.”
— Lisle Staley, Berkeley Hall School