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Apply Online by January 31 for Summer Internships at The Mother Church!

“I cannot tell you how much it touches me to do this important work and to see a behind the scenes look at the church.” ~Summer 2018 Intern Applications are now being accepted for 21 summer 2019 internships in a variety of areas such as promotion and social media, digital marketing, product development, graphic design, video […]

The Power of One-to-One Connections in Chicago!

We connected Christian Scientists at events in Boston, D.C., and NYC! ABF 2018 Career Alliance events for the Christian Science community brought together nearly 150 job seekers and career allies for career connections and inspiration. We were delighted to have The Christian Science Monitor as a media partner and participant at each event, including Editor […]

Student to Student Connection

Do you know that each year ABF supports nearly 200 students at 108 colleges and universities across the US? — and that’s just the beginning of our virtual student community! Through the power of one-to-one connections, the ABF Career Alliance is making the student community available to you and other Christian Scientists currently enrolled in undergraduate, […]

ABF College-to-Career Roadmap

ABF College-to-Career Roadmap

College is the perfect time to explore and pray about your career interests, hone your job search skills, and take solid steps onto your career path. Wherever you are in your process, and whatever career you are working toward—museum curator or software developer—the ABF Career Alliance can help! This College-to-Career Roadmap provides a four-year plan—or […]

How Do You Communicate Who You Really Are on Your Resume? (Video)

How do you go beyond your list of accomplishments to communicate what makes you unique? Be sure to include your hobbies and volunteer experience advises Terri Friel, ABF Career Ally. “I keep thinking about the young man who came to me with his resume and I walked through [it] with him and said, ‘so where […]

Spiritual Perspectives on Careers and the Workplace (Video)

ABF Career Ally Dennis Marunde shares the spiritual values and goals that have guided his career path and business decisions. After studying at Principia College and the Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, Dennis returned to his family’s business in greater Chicago with a fresh vision for the company’s future. Under this direction, […]

We Took the Career Alliance to the East Coast this Summer!

Christian Scientists connected in Boston, D.C., and NYC! ABF 2018 Career Alliance events for the Christian Science community took place in Boston on Friday, June 22, at the Longyear Museum; in D.C. on Saturday, July 28, at the new Museum of the Bible; and in New York City, Thursday, August 23 at WeWork Bryant Park, bringing together nearly 150 job […]


The Power of One-to-One Connections in Chicago! (Video)

We took the ABF Career Alliance to Chicago for a full day of career connections, stories, and inspiration with our friends there–and here’s what they had to say! And you don’t need to go to Chicago to “make a connection” or “be a connection” in the Career Alliance. You can get started searching or posting one-to-one connections right […]

The Power of One-to-One Connections -- ABF Career Alliance

The ABF Career Alliance is Coming to Chicagoland November 12!

Join us for an afternoon and evening of career connections and inspiration for the entire Christian Science family, including those friendly to Christian Science. Whether you are finding, growing, or changing your career — or are ready to share your career experiences to bless others — this event promises to be deeply rewarding, career-enhancing, and […]

Announcing ABF Career Alliance 2016 Update!

Whether you are a recent graduate, active job seeker, career changer, or career ally, here’s some of what you’ll find in our updated ABF Career Alliance website and portal: …More ways to connect job seekers and career allies–from informational interviews to professional networking and career mentoring …Fully-engaged career allies waiting to connect to students, recent graduates, job seekers, career […]


From camp counselor to Facebook design program manager (Video)

“There was a time when I was a 22-year old Hannah with a real fresh English degree plus a resume full of summer camp counselor gigs, earnestly wondering, what was next for me? Would anyone hire me and all of my zero professional experience? Would I ever move out of my parents’ house?” Learn how […]

Just Listed–Job Opportunities and Internships in the Christian Science Community

May 12, 2016 We’re delighted to share links to current job openings at several organizations that either serve the Christian Science community, or are affiliated with Christian Scientists. Please note any application deadlines. Eventually these listings will be available in the ABF Career Alliance web portal. In the meantime, be sure to let your contact know that you […]

From Overlooked Resume to Interview with the CEO

From Overlooked Resume to Interview with the CEO (Video)

This one minute video tells how the ABF Career Alliance and its LifeLaunch! module on Resumes and Cover Letters helped Nathanael get an interview with the CEO of a large running shoe company. He says, “The (ABF) Career Alliance has been incredibly helpful in my transition from looking for a jog to looking for a career. I […]

How Madison Landed Her First Dream Job

How Madison Landed Her First Dream Job (Video)

After graduating from college in 2013 as a theatre major and art minor, Madison moved 2,000 miles from home to pursue a career that would utilize both her creative talents and business side. With no personal network in her new location, and no professional experience outside of college, Madison shares how what she learned in LifeLaunch!, […]

Current Openings at Peace Haven, Principia, and The Mother Church

  Peace Haven, a Christian Science nursing facility and Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service located in St. Louis, MO, is searching for a new executive director. Candidates should have a dedication to serving Christian Science and its Manual-based activities, a strong background in non-profit administration or related experience, and fundraising/development skills. A complete job description and application process for the position […]

LifeLaunch! Module #1: Avoiding the Career Dumpster

Welcome to LifeLaunch!, the career development course that gives you all the tools you need to land a professional career-track position. Whether you’re starting your career, growing your career, or changing your career, you’ll find valuable tips and strategies that will help you succeed in your job search. “Avoiding the Career Dumpster is the intro module for the […]

LifeLaunch! Module #2: Microcosm-Macrocosm

Note: you may have ordered the textbooks if you completed Module 1; if not, you can do so now. They are vital to completion of the course. Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Watch the Bonus Video Step 3: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) What is the […]

LifeLaunch! Module #3: Targeting a Job

Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) For long-term career success, one of these is more important than all the others. Which one is it? Talent Interest Income Intelligence 2) During a job search, how many active leads should a jobseeker have going […]

LifeLaunch! Module #4: Resumes and Cover Letters

Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) One of these is just flat-out wrong, while all the others are true. Which one? A street address is usually not on a young person’s resume. You definitely don’t want to have a weird email address […]

LifeLaunch! Module #5: Posted Openings

Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) Job seekers should act like what? A pack of werewolves A clutch of vampires A horde of zombies A lone chupacabra 2) If you don’t hear from an employer, how often should you give them a […]

LifeLaunch! Module #6: The Hidden Job Market

Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) What two facts about the hidden job market are most important? You can find jobs before they’re announced, and before the employer writes a job description. It is the largest part of the job market, and […]

LifeLaunch! Module #7: Interviewing

Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) What are Hero Stories? Seven to a dozen stories that you are ready to tell in any interview, about times when you demonstrated a skill or mastered a challenge. A Marvel comic book series A brand […]

LifeLaunch! Module #8: Salary Negotiations

Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) Which one of the following is not true about negotiating for salary? Over 80% of managers expect you to negotiate for salary. They may not move the numbers every time, but over 90% of managers do […]

LifeLaunch! Module #9: Your First Promotion

Onboarding and Positioning Yourself for Your First Promotion Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Pass the Quiz Pick the best response for each question (answers below): 1) What is your relationship to your boss? A boss is like a pilot, flying an airplane in a thick fog, and you are like an instrument, giving the […]

LifeLaunch! Certificate of Completion

LifeLaunch! Certificate of Training Completion

Congratulations on completing LifeLaunch! Congratulations! You now have the skills to earn a professional track position. Good luck with your career! Download and print a hard copy of your certificate:     About the LifeLaunch! program: LifeLaunch! was created by Donald Asher and associate, Jason Morris to help you, a recent college graduate, advance your career. […]

Summer Internships with Wells Fargo in Six Cities

Do you have a career interest in becoming a financial advisor? Wells Fargo’s Wealth and Investment Management division is inviting current undergraduate students to apply for financial advisor internships available this summer in Austin, Charlotte, Denver, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and San Francisco. Thank you to Albert Baker Fund board member, Amanda Weitman, for notifying us of this opportunity! […]

19 Summer Internships Available at TMC

TMC Youth is now accepting applications for 19 summer internships available in many exciting career areas: editorial, marketing, community relations, social media, product development, video, archival research, and more.  The internships begin June 6 and run through August 12, 2016, so interns will be able to attend the College Summit here in Boston August 12-14. (The Mother Church […]

Latest Job Opportunities in the Christian Science Community

January 27, 2016 The ABF Career Alliance is delighted to share links to current job openings at many of the wonderful organizations that serve the Christian Science community or are affiliated with Christian Scientists. You’ll find even more job opportunities inside our ABF Career Alliance portal, including opportunities to make one-to-one connections in Informational Interviews with Career Allies […]

The 15 Best Entry-Level Jobs of 2015

These are the 15 best entry-level positions, including median salary, taken from WalletHub’s 2015 list of the best and worst entry-level jobs. The article was produced by Corey Fedde, a recent ABF grad and a current business intern at The Christian Science Monitor. No surprise: the majority of the jobs have something to do with information technology or […]

Job Opportunities at Clairbourn School

The following job opportunities are available at Clairbourn School, a private Pre-K through 8th grade school founded and operated by Christian Scientists in San Gabriel, California. To inquire or apply, contact: Amy Patzlaff, Ed.D., Assistant Head of School, phone 626-286-3108, ext. 150, fax 626-286-1528, email apatzlaff@clairbourn.org. Clairbourn School is located at 8400 Huntington Drive, San […]

Latest Job Postings in Southern California and Massachusetts

In Southern California Berkeley Hall, an independent Pre-K-8 school founded by Christian Scientists in Los Angeles, has openings for: Facilities Engineer Plans, coordinates, and performs facilities maintenance. Exhibits understanding and support of the mission and goals of the School in personal conduct and interaction with others. HR/Benefits Specialist This position is responsible for assisting with […]

Seven Job Search Tips

Seven Job Search Tips from ABF Career Alliance Experts (Video)

We scanned video footage from breakout sessions at the ABF Career Alliance launch events to bring you seven–sometimes surprising–job search tips from our career experts. Topics cover (1) resumes, (2) job interviews, (3) the hidden job market, (4) today’s job market, (5) informational interviews, (6) networking, and (7) how to get started. Hear seven quick […]

New Job and Volunteer Opportunities, Here and Abroad

Here, in the Boston area: The Longyear Museum in Chestnut Hill,  Massachusetts, is now accepting applications for three full-time job opportunities. a curatorial specialist to work with the documentation, processing, handling, storage, and research of the Museum collections an IT coordinator to provide user-support to the Museum staff a resident overseer for the care and […]

Adventure Unlimited 60th Reunion Career Speaker Resources

The Albert Baker Fund was delighted to help plan the Career Networking Connection Hub at Adventure Unlimited’s 60th reunion event on August 21-24. ABF Outreach Director Harve Kaufmann hosted the breakout sessions and ABF Career Coordinator Robin Glenn Jones provided information on the ABF Career Alliance. Tom Denison delivered a dynamite presentation on Characteristics of an Entrepreneur, and then […]

“Having a spiritual foundation is everything!” (Video Talks)

One of our New York City launch attendees said it best, “Having a spiritual foundation (in your job search) is everything.” We heard this message over and over again at our two launch events: participants in the ABF Career Alliance truly value the spiritual dimension of their job search. So it’s no surprise that at both events, on both coasts, the […]

Just Like Being There! ABF Launch Events

Just Like Being There! ABF Launch Events — now with NYC footage! (Video)

If you couldn’t get to the ABF Career Alliance launch events in New York and Los Angeles earlier this year, this video might be the next best thing! Hear from a diverse group of attendees on both coasts! What did they take away? What meant the most to them? Learn why the ABF Career Alliance is like […]

Christian Science Center

Opportunities for Fall 2015 Internships at The Christian Science Monitor

Are you a strong writer? Do you take a serious interest in current events? Are you curious, alert, and observant? Can you work on deadline? If you answered yes to all of the above, you might be a good candidate for The Christian Science Monitor’s Fall 2015 editorial internship program. As a Monitor editorial intern […]

Informational Interviews: Getting the Insider’s View!

Your informational interview with Career Allies is at the heart of seeking and finding important career information and contacts within the ABF Career Alliance. This interview, with an experienced professional in your field of interest, provides you with hard-to access, current, and relevant industry information from an “insider’s” point of view. When conducted with skill […]

Questions to Ask in Your Informational Interview

Questions to Ask in Your Informational Interview PDF One of the biggest benefits of participating in the ABF Career Alliance is the opportunity to connect to successful professionals in your field of interest. Here are some questions that will help you get the most out of that interview. Your goal is to 1) gain a […]

User Agreement for Participants in the ABF Career Alliance

User Agreement PDF The mission of The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) is to serve the Cause of Christian Science and humanity by providing resources for the education and development of Christian Scientists. By providing the ABF Career Alliance, The Albert Baker Fund is offering a practical way of “Passing Your Blessings Forward,” which is central […]

What Every Resume Needs: Your Story and The Six Parts

What Every Resume Needs PDF by Robin Glenn Jones ABF Career Alliance Coordinator In Module 4 of LifeLaunch!, Resumes and Cover Letters, our resident career expert, Don Asher, identifies important information about how to structure your resume. As Don states, “The purpose of the resume is to get an interview.” In this module Don explains […]

How to Avoid the Resume Black Hole

The number one complaint we hear from job seekers when applying online is that they never get any response to their applications. The resume goes out and nothing ever comes back! It can be very disheartening to take the time and effort to apply for a job and have nothing to show for it–not even […]

Linked In

8 Short Steps to Your LinkedIn Profile

This article, 8 Steps To Creating A Powerful LinkedIn Profile, is a brief guide to building an effective LinkedIn profile. One of the most important tips: make sure your Profile is 100% complete—LinkedIn says it will appear 40 more times in search results!  

Linked In

Everything You Need to Create Your LinkedIn Account

According to the December 2013 Business Insider, “a full 94% of recruiters today use social media in their recruitment efforts.” A fully-completed LinkedIn Profile is an essential tool for today’s job search, and a requirement for Job Seekers participating in the ABF Career Alliance. To assist you with creating an effective LinkedIn Profile and utilizing the […]