Step 3: Professional Standards for Participation

These policies and principles have been established to ensure professional conduct by all participants in the ABF Career Alliance. They’ve been excerpted and condensed from the User Agreement for Participants in the ABF Career Alliance. User Agreement PDF.

Code of Conduct and Commitments

Job Seekers and Career Allies:
● conduct themselves professionally
● hold to a high ethical standard and a high level of personal responsibility
● agree to maintain confidentiality
● are aware that their actions reflect upon the ABF Career Alliance and its participants

Honesty and Integrity

Job Seekers:
● acknowledge that their honesty and integrity throughout the career development and job/internship search process reflects on their character and we expect each participant to embrace this professional culture
● agree to provide accurate and complete information as requested

Communication Protocols

Job Seekers:
● understand that communicating and presenting in a professional manner by being courteous and respectful in their interactions – whether in person, in writing, by phone, or by email–are critical to their job/internship search and professional development
● agree to acknowledge calls, emails, and invitations for interviews, events, and informational discussions, as well as respond in a timely manner
● agree to attend all one-on-one and group interactions scheduled with employers, Career Allies and other professionals. These include on-and off-campus interviews, information sessions, employer site visits, career fairs, workshops, webinars, seminars, and mixers.
● agree to withdraw from all internship search activities once an offer has been accepted
● agree to withdraw from all job search activities once an employment offer has been accepted and notify the ABF Career Alliance by updating their profile
● agree to monitor their public digital profile (text, voice, and photo), including content and photos on Google mail, personal blogs and social networking sites
● agree to remove material that professionals may deem inappropriate or unprofessional

Interview Attendance

Job Seekers:
● may choose to decline an invitation for an interview with a Career Ally or employer
● may cancel an interview with a Career Ally if absolutely necessary, but agree to notify the Ally by phone and email, and ABF’s Career Coordinator by email, at least two business days prior to my interview date/time, or as soon as possible.
● understand that failure to notify the Career Ally or ABF Career Coordinator of a cancellation may lead to a revocation of access to the ABF Career Alliance
● understand that reinstatement in the ABF Career Alliance is at the discretion of the ABF Career Coordinator

Career Allies:
● may choose to decline an interview with a Job Seeker
● may cancel an interview with a Job Seeker but, if at all possible, will notify the Job Seeker by phone and email, and the ABF Career Coordinator by email, at least two business day prior to the scheduled interview, or as soon as possible.
● understand that repeated failure to show up for scheduled interviews without appropriate/reasonable advance notification may result in discontinuing interview opportunities

Networking Policy

Job Seekers:
● ask for advice, information, and referrals in an information interview, but will not ask for a job or internship
● follow-up with a brief handwritten thank-you note after networking with an individual
● refrain from sending unsolicited emails or text messages (spam) to a contact, or sending multiple written or phone messages to a Career Ally or career contact [note: possible category for a referral from orginal CS Career Ally?] unless invited to do so
● will not make unsolicited phone calls.
● refrains from asking networking contacts [is this what we want to call it?, let’s be consistent. See above] to mass distribute their resumes
● refrains from sharing networking contacts’ information with others without the contact’s permission

Career Ally Guidelines and Expectations

Career Allies:
● will offer honest, candid, and kind remarks to the Job Seeker in all interactions
● will answer relevant industry questions and share industry specific ideas and knowledge to the best of their ability
● will make every effort to share connections and make personal introductions for qualified candidates
● will follow through on any specific requests on any action items that they have agreed to perform

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