Step 2: Getting Started: Job Seekers and Career Allies

Job Seekers

  1. Gather your job search documents. In order to register in the ABF Career Alliance, you will need a PDF of your current resume, a sample cover letter that you’ve used in your job search, and the url of your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have these, visit the Career Alliance Resource Center for tips and tutorials. It’s okay to submit what you have, even if it’s in draft form.
  1. Create your log-in here. This will include signing the User Agreement, and uploading your job search documents.
  1. Enroll in ABF’s LifeLaunch! career course. The LifeLaunch! course is a requirement of participation in the Career Alliance because it gives you the essential skills you’ll need to take full advantage of the contacts you’ll make in the Career Alliance network.
  1. Once you enroll in LifeLaunch!, ABF will mail you the three books required for the course at no charge: 1) How to Get Any Job: Life Launch and Re-Launch for Everyone Under 30, 2) The Overnight Resume: The Fastest Way to Your Next Job and 3) Cracking the Hidden Job Market: How to Find Opportunity in Any Economy. (These books have a minimum retail value of $35.)

Preview LifeLaunch! now!
That’s all you need to do to participate in the ABF Career Alliance! Once you register, you will receive an email from our career coordinator, Robin Jones, with next steps!

Career Allies

You are the “heart and soul” of the Career Alliance. You provide Job Seekers with the informational interviews that give them a “real-world” under­stand­ing of their career path and open one-on-one rela­tion­ships with pro­fes­sion­als in their field.

Here’s how you make a difference for Job Seekers:

  • You provide industry “insider information.”
  • You serve as referral sources for their industry.
  • You are well-connected and can tap into your contacts.
  • You have current industry awareness and expertise.
  • You are a member of professional associations in your industry.
  • You provide honest and frank feedback in your informational interviews.
  • You have a sincere desire to help Christian Scientists advance their careers.

Career Allies can prepare for informational interviews with Job Seekers by:

  1. Visiting the Career Alliance Resource Center and reviewing tools you will refer to in your role as a Career Ally. Check out the Career Ally PDFs link for an overview of Informational Interviews.
  2. Previewing LifeLaunch! by watching the introductory video, “Avoiding the Career Dumpster.”  LifeLaunch! is a dynamic, self-paced, online cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gram that is required for Job Seekers participating in the ABF Career Alliance. LifeLaunch! helps Job Seek­ers learn specific skills they need to land a professional career track position. It also provides a common framework and language for Job Seekers and Career Allies working together.
  3. Reading the Career Alliance User Agreement and becoming familiar with the expectations, guidelines, and procedures for participants. (Much of the User Agreement is summarized in Step 3: Professional Standards)

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