Website The Alta Vista Foundation

An independent living community for active Christian Scientists

The purpose of Alta Vista is to provide a harmonious and safe environment for its residents and their practice of Christian Science.  The primary function of the Administrator, as well as the Board of Directors, is to work together to maintain such an environment in supporting the Alta Vista Foundation Mission Statement.

The Administrator resides on the two-acre campus and manages the 30-apartment property, its business office, all communications, and its fundraising/development work.

General Requirements”

·      Class-taught Christian Scientist and active participant and member of a branch church as well as a member of The Mother Church.

·      Managerial, office, and computer skills, including proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Quickbooks, and other computer programs necessary to manage the property and the Foundation.

·      Understanding of basic financial principles and processes.

·      Organizational and priority-setting skills.

·      Property management experience or an equivalent knowledge base.

·      Interpersonal skills and an ability to work with multiple interests and individuals to reach mutually agreeable results.

·      Cooperation and flexibility in working with and taking direction from the Alta Vista Foundation Board of Directors.


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