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Starting in August 2022, this position provides an educational environment that is safe, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate in which students have the opportunity to develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. This position is responsible for the implementation of grade-level appropriate curriculum by utilizing the teaching tools administered the Assistant Head of School: Teaching and Learning and Upper Division Director.


This position includes but is not limited to the following duties:

  • Teaches acting/improvisation/theater techniques for grades 1–8 as outlined in the CCAPS standards developed at BHS.
  • Plans and implements a middle school elective curriculum in coordination with the Upper Division Director and the Director of Student Wellness.
  • Provides in-person supervision and instruction on school days when students are physically on campus.
  • Conducts all teaching and learning activities associated with this position in the event of a required shift to remote learning.
  • Creates a yearly lesson plan, maintains a plan book, and implements lesson plans on a daily basis in collaboration with Upper Division Director and cooperating teachers.
  • Establishes effective classroom management and student discipline systems.
  • Regularly assesses students and maintains assessment documentation.
  • Plans and leads developmentally appropriate SEL and character education activities for students which align with BHS mission and core values.
  • Mentors students in ways such as advisor or club leader.
  • Plans all schedules and manages logistics for all components of student shows.
  • Collaborates with the music teacher/co-director and choreographer to direct and produce a variety of student shows.
  • Arranges sets, lights, sound, scenery, props, make-up and costume design for all student shows.
  • Initiates projects independently and is available for evening and weekend rehearsals, as required.
  • Understands and implements the lead teachers’ respective classroom management and student discipline systems during drama class as well as maintaining a foundational classroom management system for the theater space.
  • Supervises students during recesses, lunches, and before/after school as assigned by the administration.
  • Participates in Depth of Study—teacher professional development—groups (and other meetings).
  • Cooperates with Upper Division Director, AHOS: Teaching and Learning, and Director of Student Wellness to ensure effective function of department and delivery of education to students.
  • Communicates regularly and effectively with parents as partners in students’ education.
  • Keeps current with subject matters.
  • Analyzes data to inform instruction.
  • Utilizes components of a workshop classroom e.g. lesson structure (mini-lesson, mid workshop, share), individual conferences, and small group work.
  • Follows guidelines for fulfillment of duties as described in the Employee Handbook.
  • Actively engages SEL professional development and implementation.
  • Actively participates in school enrollment management initiatives.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Fosters a collaborative learning environment for both teachers and students.
  • Exhibits a growth mindset.
  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines.
  • Takes initiative and is a self-starter.
  • Thoughtfully and effectively communicates with colleagues, students, parents, and teachers.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships; is a team player and puts relationships first.
  • Teaches with courage and emotional agility–a high level of emotional intelligence is required.
  • Moves through uncertainty and adversity with grace and balance.
  • Ability to give and receive feedback effectively and efficiently.
  • Commitment to BHS diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives.
  • Has a working knowledge and proficient use of Microsoft Office, and g suite
  • Knowledge of MacBooks, iPads and associated applications and technologies


  • Regularly sits, talks, and listens
  • Be able to lift up to 50 lbs. occasionally
  • Regularly uses close and distance vision
  • Works at desk and computer screen for extended periods of time
  • Turns, bends, and reaches
  • Works in traditional, climate-controlled office environment
  • Ability to walk 60-acre campus

To apply for this job please visit berkeleyhall.org.