Program Manager

Website Crystal Lake Camps

Term: This is a full-time equivalent, year-round position. FLSA overtime-exempt role


  1. Member of The Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA 2. Sincerely dedicated to daily study and application of Christian Science
  2. Bachelor’s degree or 3+ years of applicable job experience
  3. Solid multi-tasking and time management skills
  4. Proficient in Microsoft Office. Familiarity with online platforms CLC uses
  5. Ability to engage in a warm and conversational manner with customers by phone, digitally (email/web), and in person; to include a strong customer service focus.
  6. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  7. Consistent attention to detail and follow-through on tasks
  8. Take initiative and work well independently, as well as on a team to complete work by set deadlines
  9. Strong teamwork skills and willingness to share duties to get the task at hand done 11. Accounts Payable and Receivable processing experience
  10. Well-organized
  11. Works efficiently
  12. Demonstrated experience handling all types of financial-related transactions

This employee also must hold the following [CLC will support the achievement of these for the successful candidate]:

  1. Ropes Course Instructor
  2. Lifeguarding
  3. Desire to learn and enjoy cross-country skiing

The following qualifications are highly desirable, but not absolute requirements

  1. Primary Class Instruction in Christian Science
  2. CHA (Horsemanship) Instructor Level 1

Reports to: Camp Director, with select duties reporting to the Executive or Development Directors

Time Obligations: this role regularly requires weekends and evenings on duty Location: Year-round resident on Crystal Lake Camp property in Hughesville PA

Using CLC’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values statements, this role is at the core of organizing and implementing our year-round programming activities. The successful candidate will demonstrate their ability to love and foster CLC’s core mission-related camp programs and will likewise show equal engagement and fostering of the Ski & Outdoor Center activities through implementation of our Vision, Mission, and Core Values. This is a unique role at Crystal Lake Camps as the primary point of interface with our non-mission clientele and is expected to foster the same atmosphere and character during non-mission programs as in mission-related.

From that, while it is vital that the logistics within the purview of this role are accomplished, the Program Manager must approach working with all guests from the standpoint of hospitality (one of our Core Values), and the utilization of the Golden Rule in thinking through situations and events from the standpoint of the guest to ensure a welcoming and responsive atmosphere.

Mission-Related Areas of Work

  1. Under the supervision and direction of the Camp Director, oversee administration of the daily summer camp activities, CLC’s marquee annual program
  2. Support the Executive & Camp Directors in preparing, training, and coaching activity counselors
  3. Serve as the lead for the overall planning and organizing of camper overnight trips
  4. Provide daily metaphysical and logistic guidance to activity counselors to resolve scheduling, personal, and facility use conflicts
  5. Establish and manage the program matrix for all non-summer mission programs
  6. Support the Camp Director in performing the post-event program debrief with the appropriate staff
  7. Work with the Camp Director on short- and long-term programmatic improvements
  8. Suggest overall program evolutionary and major improvements to the Camp and Executive Directors for consideration

Non-Mission-Related Areas of Work

  1. Work closely with the Outdoor Center Committee and Camp Management to promote the Ski & Outdoor Center with current and new contacts
  2. Actively manage, and recruit new, rental groups during the fall & spring
  3. Manage all operations of the ski shop
  4. Manage all lodging requests and reservations
  5. Organize & promote annual outreach & funding events for the Ski & Outdoor Center
  6. Working with the Camp Director and Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, develop and plan social media posts, marketing emails, and paper-based marketing efforts for mission-related and Ski & Outdoor Center programs

Other Tasks

  1. When other responsibilities are not actively underway, seek guidance and direction from the Camp Director, Executive Director, or Development Director (in that order) to support other aspects of the business
  2. Work with the Camp Administrator in support of enrollment and marketing duties as requested by the Camp Director
  3. Housekeeping work for cabin rentals as needed, especially during times of heavy cabin rental turnover

Salary and Benefits: This is a full-time, overtime-exempt, benefits-eligible role with a base salary range between $35,000-$40,000 per year. As detailed in CLC’s Full-Time Employee Handbook, this position is eligible for benefits including on-site housing and utilities, employer-matching retirement package, accrued vacation and personal days, health care plan, and more.

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