Looking for a Job?

Find career connections, jobs, internships and externships through the power of one-to-one connections in our faith-based community. The ABF Career Alliance is making a career community available to you, Christian Scientists, and those friendly to Christian Science through an exclusive network of Career Allies.

Career Allies are Christian Scientists, or those friendly to Christian Science, willing to help Christian Science students, recent graduates, career-changers, and job seekers explore career options. This is done through one-to-one informational interviews, networking opportunities, mentoring, or externships.

Jobs and Types of Connections you can make

  • One-to-One Career Connections
    • Informational Interviews with a Career Ally in your field of interest
    • Networking with other Career Allies
    • Job Shadowing—learning about a job by walking through a work day (or longer) with a Career Ally who has that job
    • Career Mentoring—connecting to someone who can provide ongoing career advice and assistance
  • Student-to-Student Connections – connect to other students in the CS community
  • Job Opportunities—job postings targeted directly to Career Alliance members
  • Internships—job training opportunities for both college students and recent graduates
  • Externships—hands-on learning experiences that allow students to apply their coursework to a real-life setting

Benefits of the ABF Career Alliance Community

  • Informational interviews with Career Allies who have proven track records who are sincerely interested in helping you
  • Job postings gathered from Career Allies and their network
  • Insight into the skills and expertise employers are looking for in new hires
  • Access to companies that are hiring and growing

And there’s more

  • An expanded network of knowledgeable career contacts who will offer honest feedback
  • An online process facilitated by the ABF Career Alliance team
  • LifeLaunch!, ABF’s exclusive career development video course
Questions? Just ask Robin Jones, Director of ABF Career Alliance Programs

Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seekers

How does participating in the ABF Career Alliance benefit job seekers and career changers?

We provide Connections and Jobs that give job seekers and career changers the opportunity to request connections from Career Allies within the Christian Science community who offer informational interviews, mentoring, jobs, internships, externships, and job shadowing opportunities.

Why should I network with Christian Scientists?

Professional connections within the Christian Science community help you find others who are often very willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Many people are finding new inspiration and ideas while broadening their professional network with like-minded ABF career allies.

Why not just use Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media to connect with students, job seekers, and career allies?

The Career Alliance is a career community facilitated and managed by ABF and open to Christian Scientists and those friendly to Christian Science. The Career Alliance offers members career development resources, direct contact with Career Allies/Career Ally Employers, jobs, internships, externships and inspirational networking events. Members of the ABF Career Alliance demonstrate our core value of Passing the Blessings Forward. That means they want to share and they’re ready to share. The ABF Career Alliance is the go-to place for the entire Christian Science community to make meaningful career connections and find jobs.

What is an informational interview and why is it important?

The informational interview may be the most underutilized networking tactic in today’s job market! Although career centers promote and encourage them, most college students and job seekers rarely take advantage of the informational interview. Learn more about the informational interview and take a look at a pdf of sample informational interview questions. The informational interview is a great “door-opener” to building your network.

How do I get the most out of a One-to-One Career Connection Informational Interviews?

Go to our exclusive online career course, LifeLaunch! Module #7, and watch the video. Whether you are new at interviewing, or just need a refresher, you’ll find some wonderful ideas to assist you. Also, you can find a list of informational interview question prompts in our online career resources.

How do I access LifeLaunch!, the ABF Career Alliance online career course?

The Career Alliance offers an exclusive online career course, LifeLaunch! Whether you’re starting your career, growing your career, or changing your career, you’ll find valuable tips and strategies that will help you succeed in your job search.

What career resources does the Career Alliance offer?

Go to the Tools & Tips section of our website and click on LifeLaunch!

How do I search for a career connection, job, or internship?
  1. Go to our Connections and Jobs board.
  2. Select the job(s), internship(s) or one-to-one career connection(s) you are interested in.
  3. Click the Request Connections and Jobs tab. From there you will be prompted to log in or create a new account and update your profile (if necessary.)
What can I do with the Advanced Search?

Utilize the Advanced Search functions to find career connections, jobs, internships, externship, in your specific career interest area, major or vocation, school, graduate degree or certification, city, or state.

Why do I need to complete an ABF Career Alliance profile?

Completing your profile gives you full access to connect to students, jobs seekers, career allies, and is required for posting one-to-one career connections, jobs, internships, or externships.

How do I update or make changes to my profile?

It’s a good idea to keep your profile up-to-date so it reflects new activities, skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Here’s a quick reminder for how to make additions and changes.

  1. Create a new account or Login
  2. Click Update Profile
  3. Choose the fields you wish to edit
How do I track my request for career connections or jobs?
  1. Create a new account or Login
  2. Click Status of my Request
Can I offer a career connection even if I am looking for a job?

Yes. When you offer a One-to-One Career Connection you’re showing that you’re willing to share what you’ve learned with others. ABF calls it Passing the Blessings Forward and it is one of our core values

Your posted connection also lets Career Ally employers, fellow job seekers, or students find and connect with you! The ABF Career Alliance is the “go-to” place for the entire Christian Science community to make meaningful connections: students-to-students, students-to-professionals, professionals-to-professionals, and employers-to-students/professionals.

See an example of a One-to-One Career Connection, Business Development; Business Owner; Event Planning; Financial Services; Fundraising; Management; Sales; Training