How Madison Landed Her First Dream Job (Video)

After graduating from college in 2013 as a theatre major and art minor, Madison moved 2,000 miles from home to pursue a career that would utilize both her creative talents and business side.

With no personal network in her new location, and no professional experience outside of college, Madison shares how what she learned in LifeLaunch!, the career education centerpiece of the ABF Career Alliance, helped her land her first dream job. In just a few short months went from an internship in a casting agency, to an associate producer for a top Chicago media agency.

In this 9 minute video you’ll hear about the importance of

  • building your personal story into your resume,
  • identifying the qualities that are important to you in an employer
  • tapping into the thriving hidden job market,
  • learning how to make one-to-one connections wherever you are
  • maintain a spiritual perspective throughout your job search: seeing the true man; letting go of a personal agenda, ego, and timelines; and seeing beyond a sense of limitation

[from an interview with Robin Jones, ABF Career Coordinator, that took place at the ABF Career Alliance launch in New York City, on May 2, 2015.]