Looking for a job?

Make the Connection

Wherever you are in your career, connect to Career Allies who want to help!

Here's what to do next

  1. Create a new account, or log in to an existing one, and make sure your profile is up-to-date.
  2. Once signed in, Search the portal for the types of career connections and/or job opportunities you are looking for, and then "Request a Connection."
  3. The ABF Career Alliance Manager will connect you by email with your requested career ally.

It’s that simple! If you’d like tips on how to get the most out of your interview, you’ll find a list of question prompts in our online career resources.

Questions? Just ask Robin Jones, Manager, ABF Career Alliance.

Types of connections you can make

  • One-to-One Career Connections—informational interviews or networking with other professionals
  • Job Opportunities—job postings targeted directly to Career Alliance members by Christian Scientists, their professional networks, and other organizations that serve our community
  • Internships—job training opportunities for both college students and recent graduates
  • Externships—hands-on learning experiences that allow students to apply their coursework to a real life setting
  • Job Shadowing—learning about a job by walking through a work day (or longer) with someone who has that job
  • Career mentoring—connecting to someone who can provide ongoing career advice and assistance

Here's some of what you'll receive

  • One-to-one informational interviews with career allies in your field of interest
  • One-to-one introductions to Christian Scientists with proven career track records, sincerely interested in helping you find a job
  • Job postings updated regularly
  • New job openings before they are posted
  • Insight into the skills and expertise employers are looking for in new hires
  • A better understanding of companies that are hiring and growing

And there's more

  • Your personal expanded network of knowledgeable career contacts
  • An online process hosted and facilitated by Career Alliance professionals
  • Frequently refreshed online video clips on Job Search
  • Assistance with your resume and cover letters
  • Help with interviewing skills
  • Support with salary negotiation skills
  • Once hired – positioning yourself for your first promotion

Have a job or connection to offer?

Be the Connection

Help Christian Science students, recent graduates, career changers, and job seekers as a Career Ally.

Here's what to do next

  1. Create a new account, or log in to an existing one, and make sure your profile is up-to-date.
  2. Once signed in, click "Post a Connection" to offer one of the following: Informational Interview, Job Shadowing, Career Mentoring, Career Networking, or Student Connection. You can also "Post a Job," "Post an Internship," or "Post an Externship".
  3. Help spread the word – tell your friends and family about the ABF Career Alliance!
Questions? Just ask Robin Jones, Manager, ABF Career Alliance.

Here’s what it means to be the connection

Start by posting any or all of the following:
  • Post a one-to-one career connection (informational interview, networking between professionals, job shadowing, or career mentoring)
  • Post a job opportunity for which you are a decision influencer, are willing to refer a qualified candidate, or are aware of through your professional network
  • Post an internship
  • Post an externship

What will you receive in return?

  • The satisfaction that your career experience can bless others still finding or growing their career
  • Being part of a career community that shares the common bond of Christian Science
  • The opportunity to develop relationships with college students and recent grads
  • The opportunity to expand your professional network
  • A process for making career connections that is hosted and facilitated by ABF Career Alliance staff
  • Invitations to local, regional, and national career-building events hosted by The Albert Baker Fund and the ABF Career Alliance

Who can join in?

  • The entire Christian Science community and those who are friendly to Christian Science!
  • Retired? That’s okay! Your industry knowledge and career connections make you a natural “door opener” for others!
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Make the Connection / Be the Connection