Career Resources: College-to-Career Roadmap

Clear the hurdle of securing a mentor

Find your mentor–it all starts with a single conversation!

You can reap immediate benefits from connecting with a mentor, such as expanding your professional network, gathering new perspectives, and gaining valuable insights beyond your current experience. It all starts with a single conversation! The ABF Career Alliance has helped hundreds of students and new graduates establish mentoring relationships with like-minded professionals from a diverse list of […]

College To Career Roadmap - Part 1

Map Your Course from College to Career – Start Here

Every great road trip starts with a destination in mind and some tools for getting you there–GPS, maps, maybe even a friend riding shotgun telling you where to turn. Have you thought about your career the same way? With an idea of a destination–also known as your career target–you’ll know where to put your energy […]

Polish Your Professional Presence

Build The Tools That Get The Job

For any big journey, you need to know what essential supplies you will need to pack to be ready for everything that comes your way. Likewise, when planning for your career, a professional profile that highlights the specific skills you bring to the table should always be ready at every opportunity to pursue jobs. To […]


Get the Right People to Support You

Every journey in your life is made better by having the right company along for the adventure. Your career is no different! Finding a job is easier the more people you know, who can offer inspiration, feedback from their own experiences and connections to jobs you want. To build your network: Host informational interviews with […]

Get hired!

Land the job you want

Sometimes the most satisfying part of any journey is making it to your destination! After putting in the work, and overcoming doubts along the way, nothing feels better than knowing you’ve made it. Trying to land a job can feel the same way, especially if graduation is approaching and you don’t have an offer in […]


Pass Your Blessings Forward!

You don’t have to be well-established in your career to start giving back and sharing your talents with your community. Often there’s a misconception that people who donate their time and skills to a cause have greater resources than a student or young professional. In reality, serving your community can be one of the most […]

Student to Student Connection

Do you know that each year ABF supports nearly 200 students at 108 colleges and universities across the US? — and that’s just the beginning of our virtual student community! Through the power of one-to-one connections, the ABF Career Alliance is making the student community available to you and other Christian Scientists currently enrolled in undergraduate, […]

ABF College-to-Career Roadmap

ABF College-to-Career Roadmap

Wherever you are in your higher education journey, or whatever career you’re working toward, the ABF College-to-Career Roadmap will enable you to be career-ready when you graduate. Use the following tools to target specific careers, coordinate your internship and job search, and get hired.