Apply Online by January 31 for Summer Internships at The Mother Church!

“I cannot tell you how much it touches me to do this important work and to see a behind the scenes look at the church.” ~Summer 2018 Intern

Applications are now being accepted for 21 summer 2019 internships in a variety of areas such as promotion and social media, digital marketing, product development, graphic design, video and audio, UX design, newsroom editorial, and translations–and more!  See internship descriptions below.

What do interns do? Interns spend about 90% of their time working for a single church department, and 10% of their time as a group. This dynamic structure allows them tow work with a lot of people at The Mother Church and receive professional mentoring from a variety of supervisors. During the group time, they will gain a deeper understanding fo the full range of resources and programs The Mother Church. They will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on new products, help with web publishing, create media projects, engage in community outreach, and tour Boston and greater New England to learn about Mary Baker Eddy’s life experience.

Who should apply? Students and recent graduates who are spiritual thinkers and are proactive in their churches or communities, or on their college or university campuses. Above all, interns must be committed to the healing mission of The Mother Church.

What’s the compensation? Interns will receive a living stipend of $300/week to help offset the cost of living in Boston. In addition, interns will be housed near The Mother Church, free of charge, for the duration of the program. The living stipend and housing are taxable benefits. Interns who are Mother Church members and are returning to school after the internship program are also eligible to receive an additional education grant from The Albert Baker Fund after their successful completion of the program.

Application Details

  • Apply online by Thursday, January 31, 2019. Application process includes cover letter and resume.*
  • Decisions will be made by the third week of February, following an interview*
  • Internships begin Tuesday, May 28 and end Friday, August 9, 2019

*For cover letter, resume, interview tips, and inspiration, check out “Tools & Tips” on the ABF Career Alliance website.

Internship Descriptions

Business and Marketing

Promotion and Social Media Internship

Digital Marketing Internship, The Christian Science Monitor

Marketing and Product Development Internship, General Publications

Marketing and Product Development Internship, Office of the Publisher’s Agent, Mary Baker Eddy

Vendor Management Internship

Computer Science

Technical Analyst Internship

Creative Content

Graphic Design Internship

Video and Audio Internship

UX Design Internship

Community Outreach

Church Activities Internship

Community Relations Liaison

Customer Care Center Internship

Customer Support Internship

Plaza Activities Internship

Editorial & Publishing

Editorial and Publishing Internship

Herald Internship

Newsroom Editorial Internship

International Service

Outreach Internship International Service

Translations Internship

Library Science

Records Management Internship

Archival Research Internship