Our Vision

Through the ABF Career Alliance, we envision a community of Career Allies and Job Seekers developing relationships that will enrich the entire Christian Science movement—Chris­t­ian Sci­en­tists passing their blessings forward to fellow Chris­t­ian Sci­en­tists, demonstrating a fundamental truth of Mary Baker Eddy’s words that “what blesses one, blesses all.”

Our view of the ABF Career Alliance is expansive and inclusive. It is our desire that every active Christian Scientist, and every individual who is friendly to Christian Science, will feel embraced by our community, encouraged by the recognition of limitless opportunity, and inspired to pass their blessings forward to others, both those within the Career Alliance and those without.

The Albert Baker Fund Mission

The mission of The Albert Baker Fund is to serve the Cause of Christian Science and humanity by providing resources for the education and development of Christian Scientists.

Since 1964, The Albert Baker Fund has supported Christian Science students as they pursue their education. In turn, these beneficiaries have passed the blessings of their education forward in creative and generous ways.

With the launch of the ABF Career Alliance, we begin a new chapter in our 55 year history of serving the Christian Scientists. This next-step within our faith-based community will enable current students and active job seekers to meet professionals in their fields to gain insights and guidance on how to best navigate their job search. We heartily welcome you to join us in this exciting venture.