Do you know that each year ABF supports nearly 200 students at 108 colleges and universities across the US? — and that’s just the beginning of our virtual student community!

Through the power of one-to-one connections, the ABF Career Alliance is making the student community available to you and other Christian Scientists currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or vocational programs in the US and Canada.

Why? Expand and grow your professional network! One of the best resources you have for college and career information and connections is other students exploring the same interests. And if these students are approaching their college-to-career journey from the standpoint of spiritual values gained in Christian Science, these connections are even more valuable!

An added benefit is that potential employers can view your profile, and request a connection with you!

Start with posting a Student Connection, so other students and employers can connect with you

  1. Create a new account or Login Use your personal email address, NOT an .edu address.
  2. Update your Profile
  3. Click “Post a Student Connection:”
  4. Complete the required fields, “Save” or “Submit and Submit Request for Publish.

How to connect with other students

  1. Click Connections and Jobs
  2. Click “Advanced Search”
  3. Select “Student Connection” in the “Type” drop-down
  4. Click “Search Connections and Jobs” — a complete list of Student-to-Student Connections will populate the page.
  5. Select a connection(s) and then request a connection(s). You will receive an email from Robin Jones who will give you the information you need to connect to the student you requested.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Why do I need to complete a profile?

Completing your profile allows you to fully view the detailed profiles of other students, as well as connections and jobs available through the ABF Career Alliance. These connections include One-to-One Career Connections, Job Postings, Internships, Externships, and Job Shadowing opportunities. (Check out the types of connections you can make here under Make a Connection.) Once your profile is complete, you are ready to Make a Connection with another student or an ABF Career Ally. You are also ready to Be a Connection for another student who may want to connect to you.

What should I put in my profile?

We recommend that you have fun providing a full picture of who you are, your interests, and your career goals.The instructions will provide prompts for summarizing your academic involvement, school activities and organizations, and career direction. Even if it’s brief, offer a detailed description of your work history, including special expertise and skills, accomplishments, professional values and passions. Feel free to write a personal narrative, or “cut and paste” from your resume or LinkedIn profile!

How do I update or make changes to my profile?

It’s a good idea to keep your profile up-to-date so it reflects new activities, skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Here’s a quick reminder for how to make additions and changes.

  1. Log in or Create a New Account.
  2. Click My Postings and Connections.
  3. Select the Edit icon next to your Connection.
What can I do with the Advanced Search?

Utilize the Advanced Search functions and connect with students and Career Allies in your specific career interest area, major or vocation, school, graduate degree or certification, city, or state.

Why should I post a Student-to-Student Connection?

So that other Christian Science students, or those friendly to Christian Science, can find and connect with you! The ABF Career Alliance is the “go-to” place for the entire Christian Science community to make meaningful connections: students-to-students, students-to-professionals, and professionals-to-professionals. When you post your student connection you’re also showing that you’re willing to share what you’ve learned with others. ABF calls it Passing the Blessings Forward and it is one of our core values.

What are the benefits of connecting with other students?

You can expand your community beyond the borders of your campus and grow your professional network at the same time! Search our student community to connect with students at other colleges and universities who have similar career interests or majors:

  • Grow professional contacts and connections while still in school
  • Share ideas and experiences with other students who are on a similar career track
  • Connect with Christian Scientists at other colleges and universities
How do I search for connections, internships, externships or jobs?
  1. Go to our Connections and Jobs board.
  2. Select the student connection(s), job(s), internship(s) or one-to-one career connection(s) you are interested in.
  3. Click the Request Connections and Jobs tab. From there you will be prompted to log in or create a new account and update your profile (if necessary.)
Why not just use Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media to connect with students?

The Career Alliance is an inclusive career community facilitated and managed by ABF open to Christian Scientist and those friendly to Christian Science. The Career Alliance offers members career development resources, direct Career Allies/Career Ally Employers, jobs, internships, externships and inspirational networking events. Members of the ABF Career Alliance demonstrate our core value of Passing the Blessings Forward. That means they want to share and they’re ready to share. The ABF Career Alliance is the go-to place for the entire Christian Science community to make meaningful career connections and find jobs.

“I think the opportunities that ABF’s Career Alliance opens up for the Christian Science community are so needed!”
–Katie Stewart, Career Ally and Outdoor Instructor, Miami University

Why should I network while I am a student?

It’s never too early to start building your professional network. Student connections today are likely to become your future colleagues and life-long friends tomorrow. If you graduate with the beginning of a professional network you will have a much greater opportunity of finding the job you want, with the company you want, and in the location you want. You will also have the satisfaction of helping others along their career journey. (Remember this tip from our LifeLaunch! Module #6 The Hidden Job Market—55-80% of jobs trade hands in the “hidden” job market. Translation: 55-80% of your jobs will come from your professional network!)

What is an informational interview and why is it important?

The informational interview maybe the most underutilized networking tactic in today’s job market! Although career centers promote and encourage them, most college students and job seekers rarely take advantage of them. Learn more about the informational interview  and take a look at a pdf of sample informational interview questions. The informational interview is a great “door-opener” to your network.

How do I access LifeLaunch!, the ABF Career Alliance online career course?

Go to the Tools & Tips section of our website and click on LifeLaunch!

How does participating in the ABF Career Alliance benefit students?

We provide a facilitated platform that gives you direct access to our Career Allies. These career professionals share the spiritual values of Christian Science and have made themselves available to help you start your career by sharing their valuable insight, knowledge, and experience. Registering with the ABF Career Alliance enables you to request an exciting variety of career connections from Career Allies and fellow students.

Does the ABF Career Alliance compete with my school’s career office?

No! We encourage all students to utilize the career resources of their school, college or university.  However we offer a simple College-to-Career Roadmap that can set you on the right course to be career-ready when you graduate. The ABF Career Alliance is a facilitated program that extends to the entire Christian Science community, including college students, recent grads, and career-changers. We are here to help you find a job, or make career connections. Check out our incredible FREE online career course LifeLaunch!

What is the ABF College-to Career-Roadmap?

It is a guide that offers thoughtful reminders and curated career resources to help you navigate and stay on your career track while you are getting your education. Learn more.

Who are ABF Career Allies?

Career Allies are Christian Scientists, or those friendly to Christian Science, willing to help Christian Science students, recent graduates, career-changers, and job seekers explore career options. This is done through one-to-one informational interviews, networking opportunities, mentoring, or externships.  Some Career Allies may also post jobs, internship or apprenticeships.

What type of communications will I receive from the Career Alliance?

Email notifications on published connections, jobs and internships. Also, bi-monthly topics that include CA Events, real Life Parables, What’s Happening Job Search Tips and Things into Thoughts.

How do I upload my resume?

Log in or create a new account and click the Update My Profile tab. You will have the option to upload your resume and a cover letter, and two additional documents.

Why should I upload my resume even though I may not be interested in a job or career connection at this time?

Not all Career Alliance jobs, internships, and connections are listed on our Connections and Jobs board. Some are non-published so that the poster can pre-screen candidates. If you take the time to post a current resume in your profile, potential employers will be able search for your qualifications and experience and contact you directly regarding open positions.

Who can I contact for additional questions or help?

You may contact Robin Jones, Manager of the ABF Career Alliance, by emailing him at